With IX-API, you are able to easily configure, change and cancel IX services at multiple IXs. The benefits are manifold, both for Internet Exchanges offering the API and receiving customer requests as well as for IX customers configuring and changing their IX services.

Benefits for IX customers

With IX-API, we will overcome the manual, error-prone and time-consuming provisioning of services.

For IX customers, IX-API offers the following benefits:

  • Configuring or changing IX services can be done without human interaction
  • It vastly reduces the time for configuring, changing and cancelling services from days to minutes
  • It is available 24/7/365
  • Less effort per transaction leads to more cost-efficiency
  • Increased transparency due to instant feedback
  • Possibility to integrate IX service in your portals
  • Reduced implementation costs by offering one single API language for multiple Internet Exchanges

Benefits for other IXs

IX-API not only offers benefits for IX customers but also for IXs as implementing it drives overall digitalization within the IX:

  • Reduced cost of sales
  • More competitive ways to offer low margin services
  • Reduced manual transactions